Window Screen Cleaning Brush

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R$ 94,99
R$ 94,99
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Color: Blue
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Window Screen Cleaning Brush-Blue-Mercado Roupas

Window Screen Cleaning Brush

R$ 94,99

Window Screen Cleaning Brush

R$ 94,99
Color: Blue

Revolutionize Your Window Cleaning with Mercado Roupas's Window Screen Cleaning Brush

Are your window screens covered in dust and grime, obstructing your view and spoiling the fresh breeze from outside? Say goodbye to this annoyance with our Window Screen Cleaning Brush! Designed for effective and safe cleaning, this brush will restore the clarity and cleanliness of your window screens.

Dual-Sided Cleaning Magic

Our cleaning brush boasts a dual-sided design that's perfect for the job. On one side, you'll find a flannelette brush surface. This finely textured side excels at penetrating the tiniest crevices in your screen, effortlessly removing dust and debris. On the flip side, a soft hook hairbrush surface allows you to clean both sides of the screen window, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive cleaning experience.

Wet or Dry Cleaning, Your Choice

This versatile cleaning brush supports both wet and dry cleaning methods. Use it dry for light dusting and regular maintenance cleaning. For more stubborn dirt and grime, wet the brush to increase its cleaning power. With its double-sided scraping head, you have the flexibility to choose the method that best suits your cleaning needs.

Experience the Joy of Clear Views

With the Window Screen Cleaning Brush, you can enjoy sparkling clean window screens that enhance the aesthetics of your home or office. Its thoughtful design, effective cleaning surfaces, and user-friendly features make it an essential tool for maintaining a fresh and clear view.

Don't let dirty window screens mar your view and ventilation. Elevate your cleaning routine with Mercado Roupas's Window Screen Cleaning Brush. Say goodbye to dust and grime and hello to a clearer, brighter outlook.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Available Colors: Blue, Pink, White
  • Size: 21 x 4.5 x 54cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Window Screen Cleaning Brush

Upgrade your window cleaning game today with Mercado Roupas!

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