Reusable Household Cockroach Trap Box

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R$ 69,99
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Color: Single Layer Blue
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Reusable Household Cockroach Trap Box-Single Layer Blue-Mercado Roupas

Reusable Household Cockroach Trap Box

R$ 69,99

Reusable Household Cockroach Trap Box

R$ 69,99
Color: Single Layer Blue

Reusable Household Cockroach Trap Box: Say Goodbye to Cockroach Infestations with Mercado Roupas

Are you tired of dealing with persistent cockroach infestations in your home? Say hello to the Reusable Household Cockroach Trap Box, the revolutionary solution that helps you catch and eliminate these unwanted pests quickly and effectively. Say goodbye to expensive pesticides and harmful chemicals – this product is safe for your family and pets.

Why Choose Our Reusable Cockroach Trap Box?

  • Chemical Attractants: Powered by a combination of chemical attractants and pheromones, our trap box is highly effective in luring and trapping cockroaches. It's an eco-friendly alternative to chemical-based pest control.

  • Safe and Non-Toxic: Rest easy knowing that our trap box doesn't rely on dangerous toxins or harsh chemicals. It's safe to use around pets and children.

  • Long-Lasting Solution: The trap box is reusable, allowing you to remove trapped cockroaches with the included brush and place it back into service. This design ensures your home remains cockroach-free for an extended period.

  • Easy Setup: You don't need to be a pest control expert to use our trap box. It's user-friendly, providing fast results so you can enjoy a pest-free home.


Attractants Chemical Attractants and Pheromones
Safety Non-Toxic, Safe for Family and Pets
Reusable Yes, with Included Brush
Effective Lures and Traps Cockroaches


The Reusable Household Cockroach Trap Box is an excellent choice for households seeking relief from cockroach infestations. It's a safe, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solution that delivers results quickly. Regain peace of mind in your own home with our convenient and affordable cockroach trap.

Safeguard your home against these persistent pests. Order your Reusable Household Cockroach Trap Box today and reclaim a cockroach-free environment for your family.

Get Yours Now and Enjoy a Pest-Free Home!

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